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The Cure

Homelessness Can be Solved​

Restoration CDC galvanizes nonprofits and local government resources focused on high density unsheltered areas and provide homeless-to-permanent housing support.  This is what Restoration CDC does to end homelessness on a weekly basis.   We bring the cure to you through our weekly Day of Dignity shower truck program and resource center.

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What's not working

Distant Location

It’s not rocket science why this is a problem.  Tens of thousands of people across hundreds of miles of L.A. County are too widely dispersed for one-off support to be effective. Resources and services are not easily accessible because of distance.  Providers drive around searching for clients to provide services that fulfill their grant requirements.  This is both inefficient and ineffective.  

Restoration CDC Cure

Cure: Proximity and Service Hub

To expedite social services, Restoration CDC brings its shower trailer and resource hub to unsheltered populations.  Utilizing both non-profit and government partners, Restoration CDC provides a 360-degree resource center in one place for unsheltered populations to access daily services. It is the ultimate goal for Restoration CDC to bring the cure to the location in need.

What's not working


The lack of communication outreach about resources available to unsheltered populations are limited and inconsistent.  This impacts turnout to homeless centers and events because providers often do not have sufficient resources to get the word out.


Restoration CDC Cure

Cure: Marketing (Outreach & Engagement)

With face-to-face outreach to the unsheltered populations, Restoration CDC engages with the spirit of radical hospitality and human connectivity.  It’s part of the organization’s core values.  The program is not about changing people, but having it change you.  It’s simple. People who care are the boots on the ground doing the outreach.   

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What's not working

Gaps in Services

It can often take weeks to obtain vital records that are necessary for the unsheltered to receive supportive services. Vital records such as social security, birth certificate, drivers' license are all essential records to seek housing, employment, and even a bank account.  Obtaining services to retrieve essential records is crucially important for reintegrating back into society. 

Restoration CDC Cure

Cure: Connecting the Dots

Restoration CDC gives the unsheltered access to resources all in one place and serves as a one-stop-shop to cure homelessness. The next step in the process is three feet away rather than 3-weeks away.  Consistent feedback about the process from providers was used to overcome learning curves to improve the program in real time.  With each provider, proximity in location brought organic communication and collaboration.  As a result, all parties were able to effectively meet their goals.

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